We set this blog up so disabled persons who are about to take up personal health budgets, can ask questions or get support from someone who has actually been through the process and lives with 24 hr care.


PHBPosted by Kevin Sun, September 06, 2015 12:14:16

Recent media broadcast on PHB did not portray the ethos of person centred care unfortunately if we look at spending within the NHS one for all solutions do not give value for money or give correct outcomes. On a personal Health Budget which has many stages ,to properly assess the needs of the individual and meet many criteria set out by each Clinical Commissioning Group it has to be done on and individual basis. Unfortunately in certain circumstances the providers of third party care misuse their authority and see this as a profit making scheme charging the Clinical Commissioning Groups for their services in managing the complex care needs without truly understanding all of the concepts required .

Being on a Personal Health Budget myself SORRY I have not got a luxury console, I do not get unnecessary items I do however save the NHS very costly nursing services, frequent admissions to hospitals using expensive Intensive Therapy Unit bed space and pressure on the ever demand on acute nursing services which are constantly being spoken about in a very over stretched Health Service by the media.

I do however enjoy a family life, travel (at my own cost) also I am a member of several peer groups promoting good quality Person Centred Care.


Holidays-PlanningPosted by Kevin Thu, August 20, 2015 13:41:06

Recent cruise to Norway with P & O.


13 night cruise to Norway using a disabled outside cabin on the cruise ship Aurora with my wife and one carer part time (get up – and putting to bed) from the port of Southampton. I am a ventilated and wheelchair-bound.

The cruise.

As I have said previously, we departed from Southampton in the afternoon of 1 July, embarkation was very efficient. All luggage, including specialist equipment for my care ventilators, suction equipment and all ancillaries were delivered promptly to my cabin, considering the cabin to be disabled. There was a distinct lack of socket outlets only 2 in my cabin. I also made arrangements with a company called Sail away to provide the services of a hoist and commode facilities for the cruise. I was impressed that these objects were ready for use, and plugged in. The on-board steward for our cabin was excellent. Our cabin received a daily clean, together with a turndown service in the evening, closing curtains and giving us a little present all chocolates greatly received.

The dining facilities were excellent. A great choice of menu together with an extensive wine and drinks list of which I chose sparkling water as my tipple for the cruise. While on board we could choose to have either a self-service breakfast-lunch or silver service. The evening meal was silver service with an option of self-service if required in the large self-service restaurant located on the rear of deck 12 giving excellent views from this ship.

The facilities on board were various some available to me. These included various lounges located throughout the ship. A large promenade deck which circumnavigated the whole ship on deck 7 also on deck 13 was a quiet bar area. Looking forward, which gave us a quiet area to sit and while away the hours with the library next door.

Offshore excursions.

This was the downside, the only disabled accessible trip was that on the Flam railway. Unfortunately, there were limited places for disabled people. I think that this requires some further considerations by the cruise company. I am totally wheelchair-bound and all of the excursions were not suitable for me. Most of the other people who were disabled by means of not being able to walk far, but easily walked up the steps into normal seats, thus leaving spaces in the disabled access sample carriage, but the on-board computer, said all disabled places were taken. On reflection, next time I will take up independently offshore excursions.

In Norway they offer hop on-hop off buses with fully disabled access for people in wheelchairs. We used this in the town of Alesund. I had a very enjoyable one and a half hour trip around the town seeing the sites. This town had its own aquarium and Museum, and many other interesting places. Norway itself is very hilly, so on the trip we went up various hillsides and could view the town and times from great height.

We continued to cruising North, our most northerly port of call was Honningsvag at the North Cape, the most northerly area of central Europe. When disembarking at about 10 AM the temperature was 6°C Norway is not in the European Union, so the disability regulations do not apply. For example, no dropped curbs uneven pasts and even the town was full of hills, but a very enjoyable small town with a tourist attraction called the ice bar contained in a building. The bar itself was made from ice blocks from the local lake. These were taken up in February and last until September when they are returned to the sea for recycling. The bar area itself is kept at a temperature of -5°C. Many years ago I brought myself a coat which was designed for low temperatures. “It worked!!” The custom is to have a drink at the bar and recycle your glass in the sea, the glass is made from the local stream when frozen a wish is made, the attraction has received many postcards from people whose wishes have come true. On embarking the ship in glorious sunshine with clear blue skies and a temperature of 21°C. It was really very nice. This was the 1st good day the city had seen for 4 months. I can only assume the sun shines on the r********, but it shone on us also. From this point everywhere else was South returning to Southampton on 14 July. Many of the ports were visited during our cruise and we are going to return next March on a different cruise so that we can view the Northern lights. It is strange when you think the sun never set so we were thankful for the heavy curtains in our cabin. Some people on the higher decks with a Veranda had flimsy curtains and disturbed nights sleep due to the sun.

My reflections.

The ship is very well appointed our cabin was very good, the service was excellent, the medical facilities far outweigh our current health service nurses and doctors can respond immediately to your call one of the party did suffer some seasickness and took the advice of his own Dr and his prescribed medication but this was not as good as the medication from on board ship which worked immediately. And outcomes of our cruise is that we are now going to take a cruise to Gran Canaria-Portugal in November for purely medicinal reasons and other benefits we get for returning with P & O.